FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, registration and first 30 days is free of charge. Feel free to test.
Basically two things:
  1. TV connected to the internet.
  2. DCR-Online.com account.
There are two ways to run:

1. Run the browser on the TV. Go to the page https://dcr-online.com/tv and follow the instructions.
      2.1. The browser should be run in full screen mode so that the browser bars are not visible.
      2.2. The browser should have the start page set to 'https://dcr-online.com/tv' so that you do not have to enter the page address the next time you run it.
      2.3. The browser should have cookies and javascript enabled.

2. [Not available yet] Find the DCR-Online.com application in the application store of your TV (Tizen, AndroidTV, WebOS) and install it. After installing the application, run it and follow the instructions.
Pairing TV with account allows you to display currency rates on the TV screen. After pairing the device with the account, you can display currency rates on the TV screen without the need to log in to the account.
1. Run the application on the TV.
2. Select the "Pair TV with board" option.
3. Scan the QR code or go to the page that appears on the screen on the left.
4. After successful pairing the device will refresh automatically.


After logging in to the control panel, go to 'Settings / Paired devices / Pair new device' and enter the 6-digit code that appears on the TV screen.
1. Run the application on the TV.
2. Select the "Pair TV with board" option.
3. Scan the QR code or go to the page that appears on the screen on the right.
4. Enter a valid email address.
5. After successful pairing the device will refresh automatically.
Current price list can be found here.
1. It is a separate application used to automatically synchronize currency exchange rates from a specified file (CSV, TXT, HTML, XML) on the disk.
2. The application communicates with our server and automatically updates the currency exchange rates on your board.
3. It can be downloaded after logging into your account.
4. Currently available for the Windows platform. If you need a version for Linux or MacOS, contact us.
1. Log in to your account at https://dcr-online.com.
2. Go to Control panel and click 'Download integrator' button.
3. After successful download copy file to the target directory e.g. C:/dcr-integrator/.

4. Unpack the contents of the 'dcr-integrator.zip' file.

5. Run the 'dcr-integrator.exe' file.
1. Select the appropriate language for the application menu.

2. Pair the integrator with your account.

3. Specify the file to be integrated, in which the currency names along with the exchange rates will be defined.

4. Make sure the configuration is correct (statuses are green).

5. Minimize the application to the tray so that it can run in the background.

6. To make the integrator start with the system start, move the shortcut to dcr-integrator.exe to the 'Autostart' folder of Windows 7/10/11. In order to open the 'Autostart' folder, press 'WINDOWS + R' and enter 'shell:startup'.

7. When the program is properly configured, it minimizes to the tray after launch. When there are too many applications in the tray, it may be hidden in the drop-down window. You can grab it with the left mouse button and move it to the visible part of the tray.

8. In case of non-standard currency names in integration file, it is possible to define the mapping 'from currency name' in the integrated file -> 'to currency name' in https://dcr-online.com. The mapping can be found in the control panel of the website.

   Example for mapping LIRA -> TRY and USD_CHANGE -> USD2

If you have any further questions, please contact us.

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